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We are lonesome animals. We spend all our life trying to be less lonesome. One of our ancient methods is to tell a story begging the listener to say - and to feel - 'Yes, that's the way it is, or at least that's the way I feel it. You're not as alone as you thought.'
-- John Steinbeck


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The Incredible Lightness of Seeing


The hardest thing to do in life is to see things as they really are. Sometimes, that will take you out of your comfort zone and force you to look straight into yourself and others to confront reality.

That sounds intimidating, but in fact, it's refreshing. Once you align yourself with reality, the world is clearer and easier to address. And while that require some tough choices, you at least know that you're moving in the right direction when you do.


by Brett Rogers, 7/18/2013 8:24:35 AM


It's really hard to step outside of one's comfort zone - it's so cozy in that zone. But is that "cozy, safe zone" really the best place to be? Not if you are hurting someone else in the process. Especially if you are hurting someone because you are trying to avoid dealing with your own hurt.

I know...that probably sounds like I am talking in circles, but I'm really not. I want to stop avoiding myself, and my own hurt - because all I'm really doing is hurting others - the ones that I love. It's time to look inside myself, and "fix" what needs to be fixed.

And thank goodness that the ones I love are going to be there to support me while I'm am facing my fears and insecurities! I am thankful that I have such loving and caring people in my life! Thank you, my love!



Posted by Patti, 7/29/2013 9:21:40 PM

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