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I Haven't Posted in a Month?



Anyway, been working a lot and getting more involved politically in Texas. Patti and I went to Ted Cruz' welcome home event last night, where it was so crowded, even though we were early, we had to stand outside the warehouse.

A couple hundred more people joined us outside, and there were probably 500 or 600 inside.

So imagine this: a US Senator returns home, and the people throughout his state want to greet him as a hero, joining hundreds of others to thank him.

Unless you live in Texas, it's not your senator.

For all the bullshit that that the media throws at him, he's fighting for all of us negatively affected by Obamacare, and millions more around the country are learning about, as Jon Stewart called it, this "turd" called Obamacare.

We need more Ted Cruz. A lot more. He listens to us.


by Brett Rogers, 10/22/2013 9:40:42 PM


a whole lot of people are getting help that would not of if it wasn't for that turd called O'bama care. unlike most ignorant americans he saw the number of people with cancer and other deficiencies going up. he did what he did so they could get help. cancer is ther number one killer of children, just fifty years ago children didn't get cancer. if you object to what the government spends its money on, why don't you object to our ridiculous and totally unnecessary military budget.?? Look up the cost of the military and also what ted cruz gets paid from important (to his pocket) lobbyists.



Posted by Jan Lloyd, 12/11/2015 5:49:50 PM

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