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Austin and Cub did some work today with my paint gear. My brushes are bigger and fuller than the ones with which they normally work. And that paint from a tube thing... certainly more color choices too than the standard Prang 8-color set that they get at school.

So they worked and made a wonderful mess and turned out these great works:

Kids are funny in their inclinations. Like last night, we were coming home from the Waukee Warrior football game and stopped at the local grocery store to grab milk and a few other things to make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. As we came out of the store, the in-ground sprinklers for the lawn had come on, so I encouraged them to run in the sprinklers. Austin, no problem. He was as wet as could be before I had loaded the groceries into the truck. Cub? He had barely moved from the sidewalk, but was still having fun watching his brother. So after I finished, I picked him up and carried him laughing through the water.

"I'm wetter than you, Austin."
"Are not."
"Are too."

Today, it was Cub who just walked right up and announced that he wanted to paint.

"Like you do, Dad."
"You mean with this paper and these paints?"
"Mmm hmm," nodding his head.

Austin watched Cub for a while before asking if he could try it. Austin painted the Iowa picture. Big Hawkeyes fan, he is.

But each had their own fearlessness, and each had their own fears. Kids are endlessly fascinating.


by Brett Rogers, 9/3/2005 9:04:50 PM


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