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Over at Kris' House


Over at Kris' house talking web site, art, and music. More later...

ETC: Wow - that was awesome. I went to Kris' pad to talk about how to make a commercial art web site cool and not just like an expensive online gallery. She has the best family, a terrific dog, and these art cards that she doesn't show us online but they blew my socks off. Particularly her Sandponies picture... and Kris, since I know you'll read this, yes, make a print and sign it and I'll buy it from you because it's just incredible. I want it!

This weekend, I'll write up the gist of our conversation and we'll see where we go from there. It's fun to brainstorm with someone that gifted. Makes you think that anything is possible...


by Brett Rogers, 9/8/2005 9:18:53 PM


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