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A serious writer is not to be confounded with a solemn writer. A serious writer may be a hawk or a buzzard or even a popinjay, but a solemn writer is always a bloody owl.
-- Ernest Hemingway


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Da Boys



Tags: jacob | austin
by Brett Rogers, 3/1/2005 9:11:15 PM


Hmmm....I know that look on their says ~trouble~. I have three of those myself... :)



Posted by The Artful Blogger, 3/2/2005 11:00:50 PM

lol - yep, trouble. Shortly after this picture was taken, we terrorized the aisles. Fortunately, few others were in the store. I don't know that we'll be invited back soon, but we sure had a good time :)



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 3/3/2005 12:01:48 AM

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