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Here, But a Bit Quiet...


A few people have emailed me and asked me where the heck I am. No blogging lately? What gives?

I said a few weeks ago that with my new position, I'd be more silent for a while. Lots happening in the background for me... and I'm attempting to find the balance in life. I had that earlier this year and even through the summer of my business busy-ness, but I'm a bit off kilter at the moment. Big change is more wearisome than I remember it to be.

I was doing some reading in an art book and the author spoke of size constancy, which is the notion that we often think of things in terms of how they ought to be according to our experience rather than how they are in their true appearance. For example, if I view a chair's seat from the side, it is flat. Some people, when drawing the chair, will widen and round out the seat to make it look more as it should, in their own mind.

The same thing is true in color constancy. An apple should be red, right? An orange should orange, right? But not true... the shadows and highlights of the apple and orange may surprise us for the colors they reveal. But some (probably most) people would paint these in their "right" colors rather than the colors truly there.

We cling to our assumptions, despite what is true.

I think most of us suffer from "people constancy" as well. We generalize and categorize and view from our past experience instead of viewing things as they are. We anchor to our first impressions and don't let go, and I find that especially true of those most successful in business. Top executives don't allow themselves the time to learn things anew. It's all instinct and run, intuition and action. I don't think that at the pace they go, they have the time to see things differently. The same is true with politicians.

That's the danger of a busy life... too many assumptions. If those assumptions are accurate, then huge success is possible because those with the right instincts will act faster on opportunities. But if they're wrong, it's a long, hard fall.

So, yep... I'm here, but unfortunately too busy and trying to keep my vision as accurate as possible and so I am consumed. Painting is my practice in seeing things as they are, so I will soon return with more. Oh, and I recently got my first request to paint something for someone and be paid for it. A commission! Very exciting :)


by Brett Rogers, 10/26/2005 9:11:01 AM



I hate assumptions, but you already know that. I think I tend to fall into the, "we tend to see things from past experiences" person.



Posted by Anonymous, 10/26/2005 10:46:50 AM

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