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Cling Wrap


Got one guy done and it's a good rendition. Might not get it all done this weekend, but... oh the joys of cling wrap. I've discovered that I can walk away from the paint and keep it wet by laying cling wrap over it. That's the hardest thing about acrylics - you get the color for a patch of skin just right, and then you have to walk away from the painting to, oh say, make dinner, and then when you get back you have to try and get it right again. But cling wrap will save you, sisters and brothers! Can I get a hallelujah?

And the big news: I'm painting. I have balance instead of an overload of busyness in my life.

Austin and Cub came over last night, as they always do on Fridays, and this morning Jacob's first words were, "Can we paint, Dad?" So I set his chair next to mine and while I worked on the dart board, he stroked out a blue and green collision and titled it, "The Blue and the Green."

"Dad, can I have chocolate milk now?"

And the rest of the day was pretty much tickling and walking and playing games and I even managed to clean my kitchen. Gosh... I like this lifestyle.


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