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It is a such a beautiful day today. Go outside and play for a while...


by Brett Rogers, 3/4/2005 9:36:10 AM


Great picture! You have such a good eye.



Posted by Doug Halsted, 3/5/2005 4:03:46 PM

yo yo Brett :) just ran 50 minutes on the beach, cooled-down sitting in front of the ocean. great day indeed :)



Posted by chris holland, 3/5/2005 8:43:51 PM

Thanks, Doug! Although I picked the best of several - the others, I would be embarrassed to show ;)



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 3/6/2005 3:05:50 PM

Chris, I'm jealous. Like really jealous. I mean, I would much rather be near the ocean anyway, but running on the beach... dude. That is cool. I'm living vicariously through you!



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 3/6/2005 3:07:26 PM

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