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Best Buy??


I had to go shopping tonight for both groceries and a new phone battery. Not far from home, there's a Costco and a Best Buy. Since I had my camera on hand, I decided to record a little comparison pricing. Is a Costco membership worth it?

At random, I compared three items in each store: an HP Printer, a Hoover vacuum, and a Philips TV. (I apologize in advance for the fuzzy images. I recorded it as a movie as I walked by the items, and then had to capture the video after I got home.)

The item on the left is Best Buy. The item on the right is Costco.


As you can see, Costco does in fact save you quite a bit of money.

Now, in fairness, the fella at the Best Buy told me that Best Buy would meet the price of competitors when better, as long as the competitor had the item in stock. But how are they going to prove that?? Sounds like a lot of time to get the same price that you can already get at Costco. Costco wins, although they didn't have a replacement battery for my phone. That's why I had to go to Best Buy...

Tomorrow, I need to swing by Sam's Club as I will be in that area. I'll compare more items to see if Costco beats Sam's.

Oh, and gas was $1.83 at Costco. Is that a deal? Better than other places, but mercy - my F250 sure eats that stuff up fast. Hard to be a deal at that price level.


Tags: costco | sams club | best buy
by Brett Rogers, 3/9/2005 1:00:58 AM


What was the product selection like between Best Buy and Costco? Do both places offer the same products? Obviously, they do for the examples shown. But does Best Buy offer 300 different televisions and Costco offer 100?



Posted by Mike, 3/9/2005 5:32:29 PM

That's a great point, Mike. No doubt about it - Best Buy has a far wider selection of everything it offers because it doesn't offer groceries and tires and such. Within its niche, more choice of products at Best Buy. But I was disappointed that they weren't even close to competing with Costco on the products I compared.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 3/9/2005 8:53:08 PM

Thanks. So, if you want a cheap TV (or vacuum) but don't really care to go feature shopping, go to Costco. On the other hand, if you are looking for a specific brand/feature set you'll have to pay a premium at Best Buy.



Posted by Mike, 3/9/2005 9:31:33 PM

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