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I'm just about done with for the time being. Order Processing is complete. Order Management is now available.

The only things left to do are:

  • Show a detailed overview of the order, with separated ship dates and custom text when purchased.
  • Administratively view the orders to be shipped and manage their status.
  • Test like crazy!
All do-able in the next two days. Web site ready by the end of January. Milestone accomplished.

I spent a lot of time tonight in PayPal's developer "Sandbox," which is a pretty cool feature. Effectively, it's a mirror of the PayPal site, but with dummy transactions for thorough testing. One nice thing that PayPal does is to hand back to me the order details in a posted form, so that I can retrieve the purchase information (payment status, payment date, transaction ID, etc).

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I might work on Art I Can later this year. To be clear, that's not a replacement of, but rather it would be a web site for artists to post their work to sell, such as Kris does. She uses her comments section as an auction block - ingenius. If ArtByBrett does well, then I'll work on Art I Can Afford and build auctioning into it. But it would be a completely separate and independent web site for use by multiple artists to sell their work for less than $100 (hence, the "afford"-able theme of the site).

And with that, time for bed...


by Brett Rogers, 1/30/2006 2:48:01 AM



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