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My son, Nick, came to me tonight and asked if I could teach him how to paint.


We worked on mixing colors first. I showed him how mixing complimentary colors dulls a color for shadowing. For example, if you have orange, and you want its shadow color, add blue to orange. It dulls and browns the orange. Or if your sky is not a pure blue, but a darker, duller blue, add orange to it.

So he started on this:

I love his shadow in the entryway of the building. He's not done, but he's off to such a great start. Nicely done.

I saw this as an opportunity to just goof around, so I grabbed a picture from a book and doodled it, which was fun.

Earlier today, the younger boys played outside in the snow with their friend next door. Gotta get that last bit of sledding in...

And my son, Aaron, worked on his mini-movie today and showed it to Nick and me. Over 5 minutes long and starting to get into the action scenes. What's cool about it is his resourcefulness. The storyline is that these people get together and fly to an island. He uses legos, sheets, my large plant in the living room, and lots of camera movement to convey plane flight. It's exciting to see him vision it out and then put it together.

It's been a great kid-filled day. I'm a lucky man...


by Brett Rogers, 2/12/2006 12:40:19 AM


very cool




Posted by Anonymous, 2/14/2006 4:55:27 PM

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