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After struggling with it all week, this is the effort I expected of myself.

I've got the middle left to do, but I'm in need of a break. I'll go play Halo for a half-hour and then come back to it.

I learned a lot on this one, but what satisfies me right now is limiting my palette. I learned in my color blend from last year that by mixing a limited number of colors together, they remain harmonious, and I think the biggest key to successfully painting a flower is harmony, which is what makes a flower so satisfying in the first place.

And I've learned that purple and yellow make a nice, dull green. No need for a green tube of paint.

Other than the middle, I've got some edges to finesse, but I like this one.


Read the whole story of "Rose"
by Brett Rogers, 2/17/2006 2:27:37 PM


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