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I Have No Shame


Taking a break from painting, I took one of my lyric-less songs and wrote some words for it. So with my little Sony Cybershot, I recorded my years-of-neglect guitar playing with an unpracticed song and with me singing new lyrics. I screw up often, and at one point I even start laughing, so have mercy on me. But the passion is there and I'm hoping that Kelly can help me with this one because I'd like to make a decent song from it.

And the words...

I remember love
a love that I have lost
fallen from me like an oak leaf from a tree
Oh when will spring come
bring with it sunlight
then the blossom it will grow free

Oh warmth
The sunny rays of playful days
Give me that symphony
of color splashes flowers in full bloom
I need the cleansing rain
To wipe this all away...

I remember touch
from a lover who did seek me
she brought me smiling laughter
she shared of all she was
Would that I could see her again and she would meet me
I would show her who I am now

Oh warmth
The sunny rays of playful days
Give me that symphony
of color splashes flowers in full bloom
Don't you know I need the cleansing rain

Oh for one moment again
to feel alive and feel her warmth and feel her laugh and feel her hair across my face
Just one moment again
to recapture love that I did know a love that I let go I'm on my knees wishing oh...

for one moment again...

And here's the song, in MP3 format. Call this a very rough and unpolished first draft. More to come...

ETC: Good news! Kelly emails me that he is up for the re-write and says he has ideas for it, so I expect we'll work on it and then upload the finished version to and see what happens. I've got other songs and if this goes well, maybe we'll tackle some others.

Woo hoo! Life is so good :)


by Brett Rogers, 2/18/2006 10:48:00 PM


Awesome! Keep this up and you'll win the bet you have with your son.



Posted by Anonymous, 2/20/2006 12:36:30 PM




Posted by Brett Rogers (, 2/20/2006 1:13:22 PM

you continually impress me with your talents. Wow! ...just amazing....Hopefully you will continue to be inspried to write more songs. check out this tool can link your love and talents of painting and music.



Posted by Anonymous, 2/21/2006 3:30:50 PM

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