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Off Work


Taking the day off to paint and get some errands done. I've been playing guitar a bit lately and my callouses are back, which means that the hamburger'ed performance of my little song from the other day wouldn't be so hamburger'ed today. Here's a little progression that I recorded.

And so off to painting. Here's the rough background.

I'd like to get two cards done this weekend and be on the third row of the rack.

One errand that I ran was to take my worn out bike to the shop. I should get it back by middle of next week, which means that I'll once again be able to bike to work every day - which means that the exercise and diet program are fully underway again. I lost 45 pounds last year and I expect to lose about that much this year, taking me to 265 - also known as the year 1992. I'm rewinding the clock to fit into my former and slender self. So about 25 or 30 pounds from now, I'll go the store and buy new clothes.

Hello spring!


by Brett Rogers, 2/24/2006 3:28:35 PM


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