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Rejected by 121 houses before its publication in 1974, Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance thrust Robert M. Pirsig into stardom, selling more than three million copies in paperback alone.
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On this bonny day, I left work a bit early to grab the steed from the shop and take it for a spin. When at the bike shop, I learned that the grinding sound that emanated from my bike last year when applying great torque was, in fact, a broken axle. It's been replaced and it rides as good as new. Yes! Since it's fixed, that's now my transportation to and from work again.

Got home with it and Nick and I went on a good half hour ride for about 8 or so miles. He's been in kickboxing classes for the past two months, so we kept pace with one another pretty well. Got home and had grapes and water for dinner. The weight can't help but come off me. I'll make Aaron chicken-something. Nick is eating at Ali's before his kickboxing class.

Last night, I took Austin and Cub and I went exploring and found our way to the park. Bat and ball in hand, we played until we couldn't see any more and then came home in the dark. It was wonderful.

We came back home and goofed around some more. Aaron showed off his new haircut...

And Cub hammed for the camera.

I love spring.

Painting-wise, I've been slacking off. I need to finish the painting I'm on and get going with the next. I did learn through a random survey of people that the most popular card I've done thus far is the Beach Kite. I need more children and more fun. I have a few ideas.

I open in April. I ought to be able to have 16 cards by then.


by Brett Rogers, 3/1/2006 6:46:17 PM


Was a wonderful day. I ended up at Big Creek and spent about an hour waling around the paths. Thought of you and your bike as a group of cyclists passed me. Can't wait until things start to turn green.

BTW, I like the card with the kids in the snow the best.



Posted by Kelly, 3/1/2006 10:30:00 PM

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