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Here's my first crack at a larger painting, titled "Market with Yellow Umbrella." It's roughly 20" 26".

Tonight, I just wanted to block in with a bunch of color and get it going. I didn't care much for getting it exact or right - that comes later, and I'll try a few new things with the detail work. I know how I want to approach this and I just wanted it to be fun. So I was bouncing around in my chair to different songs from a playlist and just having a good time with it.

Note to self: cerulean and cobalt blue don't play well together.

In a big painting like this, big brushes are needed. Which means a lot of paint, and that gets expensive. A tube of Golden acrylic costs me $10 - $18 a tube, depending on the color and the size of the tube. So when I decide to start taking commissions, I'm thinking that I'll charge a flat fee and then charge separately for materials. In this case:

Paint (4 tubes total)$60
Total Expense$80

So if I charged $200 flat fee, the painting would be $280. Fair price? Beats me. I'll find out.

I'll find out in a few days how my cards have done in their retail locations. I decided to wait and see what's happening in the market before I painted more cards, so I took a break, which was nice. And coming back to it tonight was great. Felt good... I hope to have this wrapped up before I take a few days of vacation next week. I'll be heading south to a friend's house to visit and take a bunch of source pictures for upcoming works.

Read the whole story of "Market with Yellow Umbrella"
by Brett Rogers, 5/31/2006 12:12:25 AM


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