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The idea that it is necessary to go to a university in order to become a writer, or even a man or woman of letters (which is by no means the same thing), is one of those phantasies that surround authorship.
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Listless is a good way to describe myself of late, but I had a good bout of creativity and free-form fun over this past weekend and I find myself emerging. A few threads in my life are coming together, and life makes sense.

I wrote a while back that anger is a good thing when used correctly. It's energy, and when channeled well, it's a positive. As I like to say, if someone is going to kick you, make sure that you're pointed in the right direction first.

My cards have sold modestly. Not in droves, but rather in spurts. And I've discovered that the people cards don't sell. In a fabulous bit of timing, I sold nine cards today to one person. They bought:

Two of this...

And two of this...

And two of this...

And two of this...

And one of this...

No people, except for the child. I don't think the woman jumping for joy counts because she is somewhat generic. Two of the cards had words on the front. The majority of my cards have sold in batches. People buy a bunch of them at once. All of my buyers have been women.

Hmm... I'm connecting the dots, and I think I see a way to grow the business, and my direction was misguided. Ha ha! Movement...

My friend, Peter, writes me today and says:

I think it is so cool to get out there and learn these types of things, and even cooler to take action and adapt.
Haven't heard from Peter in a month or two, but his timing is exquisite. Perfect. Thank you, sir.

I had considered painting portraits, but for the money I would have had to charge, I don't think I'll find many buyers, and it's not really the direction that I wanted to go anyway. I might do it on a one-off basis now and then, but I can't sustain that effort and feel right about it.

I'll soon be back to painting cards... with a renewed direction, with juices flowing, with a strengthened sense of self.

It's all a matter of how we see life. Sometimes hearing "No" is just as important as hearing "Yes!" Both are an answer, and a direction. Both allow for movement.


by Brett Rogers, 7/20/2006 8:04:11 PM


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