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Family Night


My sister, who lives in Kentucky, stopped up in Ames to visit my mom and so I went up last night to spend time with everyone. It's a shame that my kids are all out of town, but you know, with it just being my mom, her husband, my sister, her two kids, and myself at the table, it was very nice. With my five, it, uh, would'a been crowded.

Traci and I laughed ourselves silly over Patrick Stewart's narration of Dragons!, an Animal Planet show. He was so serious... hell, between him and that guy on the All-State commercials, if either of them try to sell me something, I'd buy it. Their voice and presence are enough to get my head just bobbin'...

"Yes, sir. Where do I sign."

Traci too.

That's my nephew, Logan. Cutest kid. He'd have the four faces on Rushmore beaming from ear to ear if he ever got near them.

And Mackenzie, my niece - ready to take on the world.

Later, it was pinochle. I'd never played. Well, maybe once, but it was ages ago. So I had to re-learn, and I did so quickly, but not fast enough. My sister is the most competitive person I know. She'll be running in the Boston Marathon this year. So, she took our loss at cards with, um, politeness - lol

I wish they lived closer than Kentucky. Not gonna happen though... in a few years, Mom and Kerm will move to be near Traci when Kerm retires. That'll leave me to hold the fort here in Iowa. And I'm here for at least 12 years. Jacob will only be in the first grade next year.


Tags: my life
by Brett Rogers, 3/21/2005 11:01:49 PM


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