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Started the next painting. They never look like much at first...

But as I paint, I can feel the details as I stroke it out. I could feel the trees, for example. Hard to describe, but I'll pull them from the painting as I get further into it.

I came back to Iowa with my son, Aaron, today. I spent the last two days in Minneapolis on business. I picked him up from his summer with his mom and as I drove home, I spotted something for which I'd been searching for quite some time now at mile marker 2 in Minnesota on I-35.

For those of you who've wanted me to rediscover religion, no, I haven't found a church for me. In fact, I find it funny that there's a "WRONG WAY" sign in the picture.

But a friend has been after me to paint a picture of a church in a meadow. I respect her direction - it's usually right on - so while driving across the US, I looked feverishly for such a church. (I probably have no less than 30 pictures of churches in my camera right now.) But this picture is about as close as I've found to the church I had in my head. I can create a meadow around it, so at some point down the road, I'll tackle this. But at least I found my church. To paint, of course...

(An old joke with the punchline, "Repaint, and thin no more," springs to mind. Aren't you glad that I shared that with you?)


Read the whole story of "Faith"
by Brett Rogers, 8/11/2006 12:10:37 AM


I now know the church you need. It is in Semora, NC. It would be perfect. I wish I had a picture of it somewhere besides in my mind. It was the little church near my grandmother's when I was growing up. It is about a stones throw from where my house was in NC.



Posted by Johnnie, 8/12/2006 12:01:17 AM

I'll offer this one up for the cause. It's on the road that runs along the west side of Big Creek.



Posted by Kelly, 8/13/2006 12:16:34 AM

what is up with the faith picture i dont get it and it looks freaky too.



Posted by heather, 8/18/2006 11:26:17 AM

Click "View Thread" on the top and you'll see the progression of the painting. The picture above is the first night I worked on it. The finished version builds on this.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 8/18/2006 11:31:05 AM

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