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Cards 2.0

As I've been discovering words, I've started reworking some of my cards that didn't sell much, where it made sense to do so. For "Front Porch," I've added the words, "Home is where you're loved." And for "April," I've added "Life's simplest pleasures are worth the time to enjoy." Inside that card, it says, "Remember to take time for yourself!" In both cases, I think it takes some nice pictures and gives them a context that makes it more obvious why you would send the card to someone.

Johnnie emailed me last night and suggested that I go with $3.49 per card. It's not that the cards aren't worth $3.99, but there is a psychological barrier at certain price points. I agree. After tax, that's still a card for less than $4.00, and so $3.49 will be the new price.

Others have been telling me for some time that I need to have mini cards. I went searching and found an envelope size suitable for such a thing, and got the quote back from the printer to have these printed up. The size will be 2" x 3", which is quite a bit smaller than my cards now at 5" x 8". It's exactly half the cost of printing the large cards to print these smaller cards. So here's a matrix of the price points:

Large Card, single$3.49
Large Card, dozen(ea) $2.34
Large Card, 50-pack(ea) $1.79
Small Card, single$1.49
Small Card, dozen(ea) $0.99

I'm tweaking the direction. I've set the first six mini cards, to be sold in dozen packs mostly, and I think I'll have the printer get 1,200 ready by some time next week.

I also need to reprint my other cards with the $3.49 price on them, and with words, where they've been added.

Lots of money goes into this little venture. But I'm believing, so I'll keep walking toward it.

Read the whole story of "Workin' on the Dream"
by Brett Rogers, 8/17/2006 10:30:03 AM


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