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The Connection Pack


I picked up the first 1,750 mini-cards from the printer and got the proofs of the next eight designs, which will come in next Wednesday. If I didn't mention it, I'll offer these in a variety package of cards, 1 card each of fifteen different designs. Here's a snapshot - note the quarter at the bottom of the picture.

I was planning to use a zip loc bag to package these, but Tamara recommended, and rightly so, that I use something else - of which I'd never heard - called an "organza bag."

Nice presentation... I have a box of them coming to me to see what they're like.

So - inside the shimmery bag, for $11.99, you'll find the 15 cards, 15 envelopes, and a piece of paper with text something like this:

The Connection Package

Strengthen your personal and professional relationships with these vibrant and unique cards. Small enough to fit in a wallet - memorable enough to leave a lasting impression!

Use these cards:

  • In the office with colleagues
  • On gifts as tags
  • To accompany flowers
  • As back pack or lunch box notes for your kids
  • As invitations
  • Just because...
Connect with Someone!

(You can also buy a dozen of the same card for $11.99.)

I feel like after spending over $3,000 of my money, I need to focus on marketing. I'm nearing the right product. How do I pitch it? At work, I have eight orders thus far, which is pretty much an order per person who has seen the cards. That's hopeful!


Read the whole story of "Workin' on the Dream"
by Brett Rogers, 9/1/2006 11:41:48 PM


I like that you put the quarter as a size comparison. I've seen these cards up close and they are an absolute wonderful idea! I feel it would be a plus for marketing to include a business card or two with each ordered bag. Things I've received in the past (i.e. a bracelet and some charms) from small companies always included an extra business card or two to give away. I carried these with me and whenever someone commented on the items, I'd give the business card. I know that for the fingerprint charms of my sons, I passed along tons of cards and requests for the website. Just something to think about.



Posted by Anonymous, 9/2/2006 4:00:13 AM

Excellent call on the organza---don't know Tamara, but way to go, girl! Much prettier than a zip loc, they look more gift-y, and I know this is girly, but organza bags make me think of wedding favors....hmmm...bridesmaids gifts would be a good marketing niche....or those people that you just don't know very well but have to give a gift to...wheels...spinning... you could do different colors for different combos of cards, even different a sense, the bag becomes part of the gift itself. I still have an organza bag that somebody gave me gift in a couple of years ago that is now a pretty little makeup bag.

Packaging is fun!



Posted by Bella, 9/2/2006 12:46:02 PM

OK, I WAS going to suggest a brown paper bag and duct tape, but, I think the organza thingy works much better. Probably not a good idea to include a bite sized tuna salad sandwich either. So much for my marketing expertise.



Posted by Kelly, 9/2/2006 1:40:58 PM

Actually, the brown paper and duct tape wouldn't be bad for a combo of the less "pretty" cards...not that they aren't all gorgeous, but a more manly the boat, the tree, the jogger, the moon....not that men buy a lot of cards, but it's a way to target them.

Tuna fish sandwich though...then Brett would have to get a refrigerated display case and that would cost a lot of money, and the cards would have to be like, $15 a piece....maybe peanut butter. Longer shelf life. :-)



Posted by Bella, 9/2/2006 5:01:20 PM

Ooooo! Add jelly and I'm buying! :)



Posted by Kelly, 9/2/2006 10:46:40 PM

I love you guys - you crack me up. I'm out in the woods at the moment camping (commenting by cell phone) but I second your thoughts, Bella. I was thinking of a box that might be right for guys - because organza won't cut it. I have my marketing hat on big time and doing a lot of thinking out here.



Posted by Brett, 9/3/2006 3:31:32 AM

Ok, but with a box you wouldn't be able to see the cards which I think is a great feature. I like the duct tape idea. Maybe some WD-40 too :-) And you could put them in saran-wrap with the duct tape! LOL



Posted by Anonymous, 9/3/2006 10:49:02 AM

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