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No News is Good News


Stephen Covey taught me about the Circle of Concern and the Circle of Influence: while I may be greatly concerned about something, I may not have any control over it. If I spend a lot of time there, I'll be wasting my time. Time is best spent in areas where I can have impact.

Therefore, in a complete departure of habit, I will no longer read news web sites.

I once knew a guy named Barry Lawler, who was my landlord for a time when I lived in Corvallis, Oregon. I also painted his historic house. Barry never listened to or read or watched the national news. He thought it a complete waste of time. He was right.

I'm working on some new habits to develop in my life. My re-think of my Rules of Life is coming along well, but this one bubbled up and it will most likely be the hardest. Could also be the healthiest.

On occasion, I will continue to read blogs and such that I find helpful to me, but news sites ain't it.


by Brett Rogers, 9/4/2006 8:29:04 AM


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