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A-Gardening I Will Go


While I try to figure out how to finish my last painting, I'm off to the next one. I won't wait a month between them this time.

I own a book called The Victory Garden. It was a PBS show, and there's a beautiful book based upon it of gardeners and their gardens. Fantastic stuff... and I need to get better at drawing people and their clothing. So I picked the first picture in the book and did a value sketch of it today.

Here's the original:

So I want to take a different approach with this - more abstract and colors of my own choosing, rather than try to paint strictly what's there in the picture, as I have done.

We'll see how this turns out.


Read the whole story of "Gardener Kneeling"
Tags: sketch
by Brett Rogers, 3/25/2005 1:03:10 AM


Cool! I love/loved that show. I rarely watch tv anymore. I am so anxious for the weather to warm up so I can get some plantings done in my yard. Can't wait to see how the painting comes out!



Posted by The Artful Blogger, 3/25/2005 7:29:53 AM

Roger! That is Roger, isn't it? I don't think it's Jim Crockett. I loved that recent years it got kind of yuppie-fied, visiting urban rooftop gardens in Amsterdam and stuff. But the old days with Jim out in what looked like was his back yard...those were the days. :-)

Excellent painting source. I look forward to seeing what happens, even in the abstract, as it is now, it looks kind of cool.



Posted by Bella, 3/25/2005 11:48:43 AM

I love the sketch. I am interested to see what you are going to do with the purple hues you have in place.



Posted by Johnnie, 3/25/2005 6:22:06 PM

It is Jim Crockett, actually. The suspenders guy. I'll be doing more sketches from the book. It's a great source.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 3/29/2005 5:40:55 PM

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