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Not all writers are artists. But all of us like the idea of somebody in the year 2283 blowing the dust off one of our books, thumbing through it and exclaiming, 'Hey, listen to what this old guy had to say back in the twentieth century!'
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I don't know what I think of this yet, but what I wanted to do this morning was roughly skecth out in watercolor the colors I would use, and I wanted to apply some pen and ink, part of the stuff that I bought yesterday.

As I was working with it, I got a lot of satisfaction from laying down the violet wash. The green works for me as well. What I think I might change though is the gamboge (yellow-orange) hue. Maybe more of a light sienna (brown) would be better.

The pen and ink was fun and definitely something with which I'll experiment more often.

And boy howdy, it is a beautiful day today.


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by Brett Rogers, 3/27/2005 2:05:13 PM


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