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Folds of Clothing


I'm new at painting, so I'm backtracking to get some basics. Clothes... that's a good place to work. Folds of clothing escape me, so I started this at lunch and finished it this evening.

Does it look like a plaid shirt and an Army jacket?


Tags: sketch | watercolor
by Brett Rogers, 3/28/2005 10:23:09 PM


Yes, it does look exactly like that.



Posted by klywood, 3/29/2005 8:55:47 AM

Outstanding - thanks. I studied clothing a lot today at work... hope I didn't offend anyone!



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 3/29/2005 5:49:33 PM usual!



Posted by Look up...wayyyy up!, 3/30/2005 11:21:35 AM

Thank you, wayyyy :)



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 3/30/2005 11:28:40 AM

As always, you did an amazing job.



Posted by Shantyl, 3/31/2005 9:27:28 AM

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