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By the time the imagination is finished with a fact, believe me, it bears no resemblance to a fact.
-- Philip Roth


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The reaction of people to Saddam's guilt is whacked. Read the comments at It's absurd.

Also noted Glenn Reynold's observations on the coverage in TV media.

Turned on the TV. Fox was covering Saddam, but CNN was running an election-themed piece on stem cell research, and MSNBC was reporting on the hot prospects for the Harold Ford campaign. You'd think this would deserve more attention than that . . . .

Oh, wait, they just teased a coming story with "Will Saddam Hussein's sentencing spark more violence in Iraq?" I should've figured on that spin, shouldn't I?

The coverage of news in this country repulses me. My son, as he and I talked of the Saddam verdict, remarked to me that a soldier came to his school recently and talked of the good being done in Iraq and then Nick said, "Why don't we hear about that in the news? They never would have reported just negative stuff in WWII." And then we talked of the declining numbers in newspaper circulation figures. They get what they deserve with those.

Saddam is a horrible human being who killed his own people by the hundreds of thousands and permitted no freedoms that we ourselves enjoy in this country. Of course he deserves death. Cutting out tongues and raping and meat grinders... to make any comparison of Saddam to Bush is utter and sheer idiocy. But there are many who do, including those who the report the news. Anyone who believes in such a comparison has no moral compass whatsoever that is worth trusting because of the equivalence they make. That depth of bias deserves no audience.


by Brett Rogers, 11/5/2006 10:41:30 AM


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