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Republican = Dumb; Democrat = Cartoon


As anyone who reads this site knows, I've been none too happy these days with the Republicans. As a swing voter - Clinton in the 90's, Bush in this decade - I have a few issues that prompt my vote.

  • National Security
  • Taxes and Monetary Policy
  • Reduced Government
Those issues should put me square in the sights of the Republicans. But no... the failure on border security and the heavy-duty growth of government and pork-barrel spending (today called "earmarking") under Bush and the Repubs has me wondering just what the heck happened. They took me for granted. Earned some equity? Intend to spend it? Um, sure...

I voted for Bush mostly for his leadership on security in 2004, but I was also heavily influenced by his endorsement of the "ownership society," with which I wholeheartedly agree. But that has fallen right off the radar of every Republican representative in Congress, and so they lost me. Dang, cuz I liked that idea.

Republican = Dumb. Republican = Liars. Republican = Greed.

I seriously considered the Democrats this time around. Except that I was the only one serious - they're not serious. At all. They have no plan for anything. Literally. Okay, sure... Pelosi has a 100-hour plan. Is that really as visionary as she gets? That's 4 days... not even a standard work-week. But okay... Pelosi aside, what about the rest of the Dems?

If the Democrats would get serious about national security, I'd give them a look. They're not serious. They don't like border security and they want to pull out of Iraq prematurely. I long instead for Daniel Patrick Moynihan and watch in great sadness as the Dems treat Lieberman as a pariah. Good gravy - party of tolerance my ass. The guy votes Democrat and liberal from here to Manhattan, but I guess he just isn't allowed to be serious about fighting Islamic terrorism.

Democrat = Cartoon. Democrat = Anti-[fill-in-the-blank-here]. Democrat = Clueless.

So I went to the polls today and voted, liking no one. That's the first time that's happened. No one excited me to vote for them. So enjoy my write-ins, fellas. I want no one in power to be in power. I vote a clean slate.

Long live Suzie Ownership and Joe Security. I hope they get re-elected several times.

ETC: Hey, looks like Bush is jumping parties. Not that anyone would know the difference by looking.

Since Bush has jettisoned leadership of the country, now is the time for some strong-necked soul to come forward and speak with authority. Someone who

a) believes that open and porous borders is a really bad thing
b) is allergic to giving people's money away to others
c) thinks that using political office to benefit family and friends is immoral
d) understands the nature and necessity of clear communication
e) knows that Islamic terrorism threatens the world and us - right where we live
and finally, f) knows that the Bill of Rights doesn't declare our freedoms so much as it limits the power of government to interfere with those freedoms.
I don't care what party they belong to. Any takers?


by Brett Rogers, 11/7/2006 5:52:29 PM


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