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-- Lillian Hellman


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At lunch, I've been browsing the web sites of local bloggers, and two posts stood out.

The first post was Doug and Jody's, and their daughter, little Brenna, had a tough night last night. First Doug came to Brenna's rescue, and then Jody. It reminded me of how many times we, as parents, run to the aid of our kids and bond so deeply with them by doing so.

And then I came across Kris' post, about her nine-year-old daughter's trip to the neurologist. After reading what she wrote, I felt as though someone had tapped my leg and every fluid in me had drained out...

The problem is that they now suspect she has what's called "Lennox-Gastaut", which is one of the severest forms of epilepsy that a child can have. It doesn't look too great, to be honest. It's an intractable form, meaning that no medication seems to give any improvement in seizure control, and it can grow progressively worse over time. One web site said that up to 10% of LG kids don't live past eleven.

If you pray, pray for Alice. And if you don't pray, pray for her anyway. Twice daily.

I had started work on the fella on the left-hand side of this picture, but felt compelled to write instead.

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world.


Tags: parenting
by Brett Rogers, 3/31/2005 2:07:06 PM


Thank you, Brett.



Posted by Anonymous, 3/31/2005 5:34:51 PM

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