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I painted the 3" version of the soon-to-be-painted 16" x 20" Poolside work I plan next.

Again, rough values, no small brushes or detail.

To give you an impression of the size of these, here are the two sketches I've done of this one next to a dime.

They're small. And fun, actually. I'm surprised by the satisfaction I get in painting these rough thumbnails of what is to be a larger work.

I learned with this sketch that lighter is better. The warm areas feel balanced to me. The cool of the blue, the warmth of the wooden fence in the background. The sunlight on the woman herself and in the palm fronds. You can't see it in these smaller versions, but she is eating up the sunshine in the peace found by a backyard pool. I hope to capture that in the larger work.

I'm satisfied with the palette I've chosen for this. Next step is to get over the chicken sensation I get before starting something new. Yep, starting a work always makes me jittery. But I ignore it, or it would never happen. I'm excited to see how it turns out.


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Tags: art | sketch | my painting
by Brett Rogers, 6/8/2007 12:34:42 AM


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