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Life Flight Helicopter on Interstate 24


In a bizarre circumstance, my family and I happened to be on I-24 headed east just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, when all traffic came to a halt. There'd been an accident about 1/4 mile from where we were now parked on the interstate. 30 minutes later, a life flight helicopter lands to take away the injured.

I had my camera with me, and so I shot a quick video of the helicopter as it took flight to rush to the hospital. Not something you see every day.

I don't know if the injured are okay. I can't find a story link to it anywhere. But the accident looked bad enough.

If I find a story link later, I'll post it.

ETC: Pale Rider tells me in comments that this is the link to the news story. Very sad... and thanks, PR. Be safe on your vacation.

MORE ETC: Justin's best friend was evidently in the crash, and Justin was riding in an adjacent vehicle. He comments and gives the story, and you can read what he has to say. I'd like to add that my family and I were pretty concerned for the victims and we wanted to know what happened. In no way did I intend to offend anyone by posting this. In fact, I was surprised that the local news channels didn't have more to say about it, because everyone in the other cars on the interstate with us expressed a desire to know what had happened. I hope this fills in the blanks.

YET MORE ETC:Pale Rider comes back in with yet another and more informative link.

Thanks again, PR.


by Brett Rogers, 7/1/2007 2:48:49 AM


Very sad. 2 fatal, 2 critical.

After seeing this I think I will be a bit more alert as I head out west on my vacation. God bless that family.



Posted by Pale Rider, 7/1/2007 10:48:39 AM

That is some bullshitt yall pulled.. I was the one involved in that accident and Matts mother and brother ( Aaron Ross & Tina Rosss) didn't make it!! So i'd appreciate it if u took this footage off the internet and never repost it again before I have yall braught up on charges for violation of Privacy, and Pain and sufferin fom the footage on this site..........................................



Posted by Justin Bradford, 7/3/2007 4:31:23 AM

Look yall..
I'm sorry that I snapped on yall like that I had just gotten back from the accident when I found this site and it really pissed me off cause I had to see my best friend hold on to his mother as she slowly passed on.. And no, the people in the wreck in the wreck werent ok.. The helicopter footage u got was one of my friends being airlifted. He's was sent to the trama ward for some serious crap.. He's been in there for I belive almost 2 days, I belive he is in his own room now and is recooperating.. And about the two that passed away, that was my basically blood brother's mother and little 16 year old brother... His mother was pronounced dead at the hospital and his brother was killed immediately on impact.. He was pinned up under neath the black rodeo that u have pictured.. And there was one that has come home.. His name I won't give out but he has 2 broken wrists, a broke elbow, and I believe a fractured forearm... But I see that u really want to know what happened so I'll tell u.. We all had just gotten off the lake I believe called 4 corners lake? But anywayz, we had just been on the Interstate for about 3 1/2 miutes when a black nissan sentra about a 2000-2003 came up beside us saying that we had elegidly thrown an object out the window and had stiken there vehicle and that he was going to beat the crap out of us and then he threw a coke can and a sandwich of some type at matts 2001 Impala, which does hit one of my friends in the face.. So that made him pissed off and he threw a coke can at the male passenger in the Nissan, which makes contact in the mans forehead.. Well finally he speeds up and get beside the Black Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 which matts mother is driving and my best friends and one of my other Basically blood brothers is in... Well for some reason he started his crap with her and he threw what looked to be a can or bottle wich causes her to swerve and loose controll of the Isuzu Rodeo and slid off in the ditch and slid 10-15 feet before it rolled overI believe a totall of 3-4 times causing every one in the vehicle to be ejected from the vehicle... We found everyone pretty quick except one.. That one would be my basically blood brother.. I was told by one of my best friends were he was butt he said he couldn't stay with him long enough to check for any pulse... That's when I ran up the hill to find him pinned under the front of the vehicle.. I didn't panick at first so yes, I did feel for a pulse and there wasn't but 2 beets left that I felt... But there u go now u don't have to wonder and worry if were all right....



Posted by Justin, 7/3/2007 5:08:45 AM


Thanks for stopping by and for filling us in on what happened. My family and I want to express our sorrow for what happened. We wish your friend continued recovery.

And I meant you no pain with this. It was something that we witnessed and so I brought it here.

With deepest respect...



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 7/3/2007 8:08:46 AM

Brett, what you had posted was no different than the Nashville news websites. Respectful and informative as always. Here is an updated article

Road rage is being investigated. If true, especially Justin's comments, several people should end up in jail and this will be another example of total retardation on the roadway. Add to that nobody wearing seatbelts.

Sad, stupid, totally avoidable.



Posted by Pale Rider, 7/3/2007 10:42:01 AM

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