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Tonight, I had the blessing of getting a better knowledge of what, I think, it is to be Southern. We attended the Stone Mountain laser show, shortly after Independence Day, and it was quite a show, and my first-ever laser show. Kinda cool...

But as I watched, they played songs of Georgia, patriotic songs, and songs of family. And it occurred to me that, almost without exception, those I know from the south are deeply proud of their heritage and family, their city and state, and their country. They are unabashedly loyal. They won't throw these things under the bus. It's a line you don't cross.

And so as I leaned against my southern belle wife watching the show, I felt yet again incredibly lucky to be a part of her family. They've come to know me and I am now woven into the fabric of their bonds. I'm one of those lines that won't be crossed. That's a safe place.

I also appreciate the South. Indeed, I am grateful for the South and those who herald from it. They're patriots and just really good people.

I'm from Iowa, and Iowa too has wonderful people. But there's something much deeper and more firm in the South than what I find in Iowa. Unless your family has a century farm, an Iowan isn't steeped in heritage like a Southerner is. The laser show was full of themes that echoed those emotional and historical ties.

It's good to be in Georgia at this moment. It's a great place to celebrate our nation and be surrounded by family.


by Brett Rogers, 7/5/2007 11:39:50 PM


Having lived in the south and Iowa I think the Iowan is just as proud of his heritage as a southerner. However, Iowans are naturally unassuming. While the southerner is vocal and obvious about their pride, the Iowan knows it's there, why make a big fuss about it?



Posted by Annette (, 7/6/2007 11:30:34 AM

You did live in the south... Florida, right? Iowans are naturally unassuming... that's good. I agree with that.

I think the trait that I find more pronounced in Iowans is that Iowans are very trusting. It's easy for anyone to fit in and feel accepted quickly.

Keep in mind that I'm generalizing big time, and exceptions occur all over the place.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 7/6/2007 12:12:54 PM

My 2 cents - I went to a small school in Massachusetts for a year - I was not from New England - the attitude seemed to be "why are you here?" I visited a friend at William and Mary - in Virginia near the tidewater and the attitude was extremely accepting - as if I had been there all semester. I have to agree with your sentiments about the South Brett!



Posted by Rich, 7/6/2007 10:48:41 PM

Brett - As you know, I moved from Des Moines to Atlanta. I agree that Southerners are very proud of their heritage and it is one of the most beautiful states in the nation. I do however agree with Annette that Iowans are just as proud but in a naturally unassuming way. Generally speaking, if a Iowan tells you something, it's true and you can take it to the bank.

We love both places, however there is something special about Iowans my family will always hold dear to their hearts!



Posted by Tony Gallegos (, 7/10/2007 5:30:06 PM

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