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To Do List Manager


There are some things that I do very well, and others - well, not so much. One of my lesser skills, to put it nicely, is my ability to manage a To Do List.

So last night, to get a better handle on it, I took an hour to create for myself a to do list manager. It's on a private part of this web site.

Pretty simple and sufficient for my needs. (Because it's on the web, Tamara and I can put things on the list and I won't forget them, as I sometimes do.)

I did a quick survey yesterday of the online tools out there for this kind of thing. All of them are free.

The top one is Ta-da List. It lets you create lots of to do lists. You can share your list with others, and in that way, it has a nice viral aspect to it.

Then there is Todoist, which offers more of a project to do list functionality. Pretty robust stuff.

And I found Remember the Milk, which is highly integrated with just about every online resource you know and use.

So with all of those free tools available, why in the world would I do it myself?

Doing it myself helps me to think it through and learn and discover. And ultimately, that has more value to me.

Some folks just like to tinker, I guess.


by Brett Rogers, 7/18/2007 9:36:57 AM


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