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If you have one strong idea, you can't help repeating it and embroidering it. Sometimes I think that authors should write one novel and then be put in a gas chamber.
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Food Court


One of my favorite things to do in a mall is to bring a sketchpad and quickly pencil out the people I see in the food court. Typically, I only have a few brief moments. Some get self-conscious and discover what I'm doing (because I intermittently stare at them); some never notice. But it has to happen fast. It's a good exercise.

I'm an artist, so this is what I do.

You have talents... what do you do? Study their clothing? Their relationships? Their purchase decisions?

Malls are a wonderful study in human behavior. How do you make the most of the opportunity?


by Brett Rogers, 7/22/2007 6:10:05 PM


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