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They're Selling Music Online


And no, I don't mean iTunes, with all of its proprietary Apple bunk.

I mean Amazon's MP3 site. It's only about $8 an album, and all of the songs are in MP3 format, a beautifully universal file type that doesn't have any DRM restrictions.

Oh heavenly joy... I'm leaving everyone else behind and buying from Amazon from now on.

In the past, I had purchased somewhere around 800 songs from MusicMatch, which was later bought by Yahoo. Yahoo's Music Jukebox recently forced me to upgrade it and in the process, I lost the license to play all 800 songs.

I hate Yahoo. Yahoo and DRM licenses suck, big time.

Amazon's MP3 store doesn't carry that risk for me. No licenses, no forced software upgrades.

Perfect. Jeff Bezos is on my Christmas card list.


by Brett Rogers, 11/5/2007 9:47:15 PM


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