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Happiness is... Self-Imposed Higher Tax Rates


Recently, Warren Buffet said that he needed a higher tax rate. Barak Obama has now said that he too needs a higher tax rate.

This is where my call for greater self-sufficiency is important. You see, poor Warren and Barak are under the impression that they need to wait for the government to legislate their ability to pay more taxes. But you see, government is not the answer, although it's not atypical of leftists to believe that it would be.

Instead, they only need to send the money they feel they're shorting the government to the IRS as an anonymous donation, which can't be returned and will go to the general fund. Of course, in making such a donation anonymously, they'll abandon any need for adulation for their selfless act. After all, such charity is best had simply through the act, and warms the heart of the giver without the need for recognition. Why, it's almost patriotism.

For the rest of us who feel our tax rate is adequate or burdensome, we'll send positive vibes in their anonymous direction knowing that they have helped to stave off the need for any of us less inclined to pay more. And we appreciate that.

So I encourage Warren and Barry to be self-sufficient and creative about giving, and do what they in their hearts feel is best... without mandating their inner turmoil on the rest of us. This country was founded on the notion of rugged individualism, and they have my full support to individually give more, since they feel so strongly about this.


Tags: politics
by Brett Rogers, 11/12/2007 1:38:33 PM


I love this - I think we should simply amend the tax forms to allow the tax payer to check a box indicating they wish to pay a supplemental tax and a line to indicate the amount - then Warren, Barak, John Edwards, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, etc could put their own money where their mouths are - oh I forgot Barbara Streisand too! Make it real easy for them!



Posted by Rich, 11/15/2007 10:41:32 PM

I bet that, if exposed to the public, their total would be less than I pay for a used pair of shoes. Barbra would be leading the pack because she's actually dumb enough to believe it! The rest know better...



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 11/16/2007 12:15:17 AM

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