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Laughing All the Way


Mark Cuban's and Brian De Palma's anti-war effort, Redacted, has now come out swinging at the box office.

Swing... and a miss. As I predicted.

It took in a whopping $25,000. Now granted, that's only in Mark's 15 theaters that he owns, but by any standard, that's bad.

I copied and pasted the Box Office Mojo stats and filtered to new movies only and then sorted them by how they did at each theater. Click on the image to see the larger, more readable view.

Of the ten new movies listed, it finishes second to last in terms of gross receipts per theater. It managed to beat just one movie, a film about gay soccer players that is playing in only 1 theater.

Mark, you savvy maven you.

None of Hollywood's antiwar movies have done well. In its second week out, Robert Redford's Lions for Lambs is doing worse per theater than Redacted.

The reason these films tank is because they don't tell the real story. The people who make them tell a sensationalized fiction to paint our guys maliciously, and the majority of Americans are smarter than that.

It's smarmy as hell to put out an antiwar film while our guys are actually in the field winning the war they're fighting. These filmakers get what they deserve - which is lost money. I hope they lose a ton of it. I'm laughing at them - all the way to the box office.


by Brett Rogers, 11/21/2007 9:28:52 AM


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