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Summer Migration


Two of my sons, Nick and Aaron, are off to points north to spend time with their mom this summer. Which leaves only Bari and me in the house, with frequent visits from Jacob and Austin.

Last night, I was working and Nick called me to ask if he could stop by on his way home. So he came with a gift - Father's Day is Sunday. He gave me a really cool card and a bunch of bananas, knowing my penchant for smoothies and my desire to continue losing weight. It was a great gift and the card was pretty touching.

In preparation for my daughter leaving the roost, we started the game of musical bedrooms last night as they were waiting for their mom to arrive. Such a thing stirs up memories and laughter, and we had a good time of it.

"Wow Dad," Nick said to me. "Pretty soon, it'll just be us guys."
"And then just me and you!" Aaron said.
"And then there was 1," I replied.

It's an odd thing to consider. I'm well-adjusted to the summer migration of my older kids - it's been going on since the mid-90's. But not to the idea of an empty nest. Of course, that's a few years off yet.


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by Brett Rogers, 6/16/2005 9:38:51 AM


Someday I won't have to cut anyone's meat anymore. I won't have two babies in diapers. I won't have to get baths and jammies ready each night and my daughter won't need me to brush her hair for her.


I'm kidding..I am sure I will miss these things and from what everyone with older kids tells me you just exchange the craziness of having babies and toddlers with the LARGER craziness of having adolescents and teenagers.



Posted by Laura, 6/16/2005 7:17:06 PM

The larger craziness... that's very good :)



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 6/17/2005 7:52:37 AM

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