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Hell of a Marketing Message


So, for the people in democracies who support Islamist threats toward governments, society, and people in protest of cartoons that depict Mohammed: is it really okay with you to limit artistic freedom and freedom of speech in the name of religion?

For the people who think that the European papers shouldn't have printed the cartoons, do you really agree to limit artistic freedom and freedom of speech in the name of religion?

Headlines like this (U.S. supports Muslim ire on cartoons) are completely counter-productive. Condi's State Department needs to talk to the White House before opening its mouth. And we need to stand in solidarity with our European neighbors.

This is a democracy. We routinely skewer our politicians, our religious leaders, and God in the name of liberty. Nothing, truly, is sacred. Nor should it be. No one is protected from offense. Nor should they be.

As I've said before, if Muslims don't want this image of their religion presented to the rest of us, then it's something that they need to clean up, just as Christians have to clean up after its infamous religious oaf, Pat Robertson.


by Brett Rogers, 2/4/2006 1:08:37 PM


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